Love, my life, and the Alexander Technique

The misunderstanding about love and the difference between love and care, and how we stress ourselves for lack of love.

As I am going through difficult times in this pandemic’s new normal, I realized that after some depressive times, my life has been having very little love. I notice by questioning that the reason I got depressed was that I was not in a deep relationship with myself and my feelings.

In the quest for freedom and love, I realized how difficult it was for me to ask for help and how I was trained habitually to isolate myself and believe that everything that I needed was to be able to survive.  Continue reading

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Acting, Happiness & Values

The relationship that you have with yourself and others defines a great deal of your health.

1769495The development of new science and new possibilities can explain better how we as humans became more and more sick and less prepared for life (acting included, obviously). How to develop a human/actor to prepare for the emotional distress of the job. Continue reading

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Are you accepting failure as part of the learning process?

We are conditioned to believe in “no pain, no gain”. In other words, we need to work hard, sacrifice and suffer in order to have the desired result. It is a basic process of punishment and reward.

Much of our education teaches us very early on that we are a good boy/girl (when we do right) and a bad boy/girl (when we make mistakes). The interesting thing is that we learn to do the same to ourselves.
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Learn to keep your attention on the process instead of the end goal

Are you always stressed about the end result of your performances?

Many of us, for so many reasons (educational culture, social pressures, etc.), have a hard time focusing on the process of our performances, instead focusing our entire attention only on the goal. In the Alexander Technique we call this phenomenon  “end gaining”.

It is as if you as an actor, didn’t understand that your expectation to do a good job (or to be approved by other people) takes you out of the present moment. Continue reading

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Learning to understand your conscious/unconscious habits and priorities

Are you doing what you think you are doing?

I have been asking questions to myself to try to understand the priorities in my life. Very often I don’t recognize my habitual tendencies and priorities. I just follow my instincts and believe all is going to be ok.

The problem is that most of my actions come from a very unconscious process, where I don’t have the way to choose the best conditions to evolve. It means that my reactions depend upon a less than accurate perception.

A perception that doesn’t allow me to organize and focus in order to concentrate on my goals. Continue reading

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Is vulnerability a weakness or strength?

Learning to develop strategies to better cope with emotional pain.

People-finding-peace-in-nature-3-640x424It is so easy to believe that only things that come from the outside could help to change us. But in fact, it is our acceptance (our belief) that creates the conditions for this change to occur.

Any technique could help us if we decide to apply it for our everyday life. Continue reading

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How do you cope with failure as an actor?

The Confident Actor

I have been teaching the Alexander Technique to actors for many years and always notice how most of them struggle with fear of failure.

“How do I build confidence in myself as an actor?” Continue reading

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